Hi, I'm Kacie, and this is Flowpyre.

Flowpyre started in 2017 as a way to keep my memories alive. Why? Well, I happen to be an aphantastic - someone who has no ability to see images or memories in their mind.

You can imagine why, in my world, photos hold an extra special place.

In 2017 though, something special happened. Darwin caught my heart and refused to let it go. After a week spent watching fire spinners and flow artists against the beautiful Mindil Sunset, I fell hard for the beauty of fire photography. Luckily, less than a handful of dedicated fire photographers exist in Australia, and I quickly realised this was the niche where I could truly make my mark on the photography world.

So, Flowpyre was born.

Three years later and Flowpyre has grown from a pipe dream to a living, breathing, thriving photography and videography business specialising in capturing the stories we thought were impossible to tell. From the joy in a first burn, to the breath of a Territory Day crowd, we want you to feel every heartbeat in your images.

Luckily, the more stories we tell, the more creative, complex, and honest they get.

And we've told a lot so far.

Be our next?

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