June 14, 2020

Create More: Episode 3

Intro to Editing!

Hi Guys, welcome back to Create More with me, ya girl, Flowpyre! This week time got away from me with a whole bunch of other things happening in my life. So, instead of spending every spare moment thinking about how to write a giant helpful blog, I opted for showing you how I edit my images. To do this I screen recorded myself editing an image in Lightroom, and then the wonderful @thomasrobinsonfire helped me edit in an intro and voice over so I could explain my process as I went. This was a very daunting and super fun little project, so I'm hopefully going to be doing more of them, assuming they're helpful? Let me know if you liked it by shooting me a message or comment. Otherwise, watch and share the video and I will see you all next week!

As always, let me know what you think or send my any questions using the button below!

See you next week,

Flowpyre xx